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Meet the Bargaining Committee

The Boston College Graduate Employee Union – UAW Bargaining Committee are the democratically elected representatives who will be directly involved in negotiating a fair and democratic union contract for graduate workers. Our committee is elected with one member from each of five different parts of the university to ensure a wide range of views and perspectives, but all Bargaining Committee members must represent the interests of all graduate workers during bargaining. Those jurisdictions are:

  1. Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences – Natural Sciences
  2. Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences – Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Theology and Ministry
  3. Lynch School of Education and Human Development
  4. Connell School of Nursing; School of Social Work
  5. Carroll School of Management; Law School.

The Bargaining Committee will fight to improve working conditions for grad workers at Boston College by working to negotiate stability and security in our pay and benefits, better protections against sexual harassment and assault, better protections for international students, as well as other improvements, guided by the responses to the bargaining survey, as well as conversations with graduate workers in person and over email.


The Bargaining Committee members are:

Sam Barrows

Law School

Josh Lown

School of Social Work

Ali Blake

Curriculum + Instruction, LSOEHD

Byron Wratee

Theology, MCAS

Sam Levinson

Chemistry, MCAS

Bargaining Survey

Filling out bargaining surveys is an initial step towards determining what we, graduate student employees, want to see in a contract. The information collected from these surveys will be used to prepare our bargaining platform, which we’ll vote to approve. The bargaining committee that we will elect will negotiate for the needs of all Boston College graduate employees, and having everyone fill out the survey will enable them to bargain with confidence.