We are electing the inaugural Bargaining Committee for the Boston College Graduate Employee Union – UAW. These democratically elected representatives will be involved in negotiating a fair and democratic union contract for graduate workers, by representing all grad workers during bargaining. They will fight to improve working conditions for grad workers at Boston College by working to negotiate stability and security in our pay and benefits, better protections against sexual harassment and assault, better protections for international students, as well as other improvements. We hope you will read the Notice of Nomination and Election below carefully and consider running for a Bargaining Committee position. All eligible Boston College graduate students are automatically nominated, but you must accept nomination if you want to be a candidate for the Bargaining Committee.


The primary responsibility of the committee is to negotiate an initial collective bargaining agreement with the University administration’s bargaining team. Election to the committee obligates each member to represent and fight for the best possible contract for all members of the bargaining unit.


The committee will be trained and assisted by experienced negotiators from the Union who will also participate in the negotiations with the University. See below for specific responsibilities.

  • Develop initial bargaining goals for ratification by union supporters across campus, using surveys, relevant contracts from other unionized workplaces, membership feedback from other sources, etc.
  • After ratification of initial bargaining goals, develop and present contract language proposals to the University bargaining team for negotiation.
  • Attend negotiating sessions with the University and Union internal caucuses or meetings in order to advance our bargaining agenda.
  • Assess, analyze and respond to university bargaining proposals and develop union counter-proposals.
  • Keep the membership and allies informed and educated about the negotiations and the process.
  • Coordinate with the volunteer organizing committee and other activists on a strategic campaign to win a strong contract that can be recommended for ratification.
  • Make a recommendation to the membership on whether to approve a contract or take other actions (e.g. a vote to authorize the committee to authorize strike action if necessary).

Committee members should assume that the time commitment will be significant. Note that the schedule of bargaining itself is subject to negotiation with the University



Notice of Nomination and Election

Nominations are hereby declared open for the BCGEU-UAW Bargaining Committee (five [5] positions, allocated by jurisdiction). 



There are five (5) open positions on the Bargaining Committee, allocated by jurisdiction. Only one person from each jurisdiction will be elected, but all voters can vote for one candidate in each jurisdiction (i.e., you would choose up to five [5] people to vote for on your ballot, with no more than one in each jurisdiction). The five jurisdictions are:


1) Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences – Natural Sciences

2) Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences – Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Theology and Ministry

3) Lynch School of Education and Human Development

4) Connell School of Nursing; School of Social Work 

5) Carroll School of Management; Law School. 



You are eligible to accept nomination and/or vote in this election if you are a currently-enrolled Boston College graduate student, have signed a BCGEU-UAW authorization card since January 1, 2020, and at least one of the following is true:

  1. You are currently employed by Boston College as a graduate worker, or
  2. You have been employed by Boston College as a graduate worker, or
  3. You are a graduate student whose program includes, as a degree requirement, that you are employed at Boston College.

The positions included under “graduate worker” for this election are Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, Teaching Fellowships, and Graduate Assistantships that require enrollment in a graduate program.



Acceptance of nomination can be done in writing by emailing bcgeu.elections@gmail.com with your acceptance, non-BC email, and phone number. If you would like to include a short (500 words or less) candidate statement, please include that as well. Candidate statements will be available to all voters. Acceptance of nomination must be received by 11:59pm on February 21.


If you have not yet signed an authorization card this semester, you may provisionally accept nomination by email as above and contact the organizing committee at bcgradunion@gmail.com to receive and sign an authorization card. Provisional acceptances shall be accepted provided the candidate signs an authorization card prior to close of nominations at 11:59pm on February 21.


In the event(s) that only one eligible candidate accepts nomination for a jurisdiction, such candidate(s) will be deemed elected by acclamation and no election will be held for the jurisdiction(s) in question.



In the event that one or more jurisdictions are contested, elections for Bargaining Committee positions will take place on February 24th and 25th. Polling places and hours will be as follows:

Chestnut Hill Campus – Stokes Hall, Monday 2/24 and Tuesday 2/25 10am-6pm both days.

Brighton Campus – Simboli Hall, Tuesday 2/25 10am-6pm.

Law School – Library Monday 2/24 10am-3pm.

Room locations TBA. 


A runoff election, if necessary, will take place on February 27. The location of the runoff election will be announced if necessary.


Please contact the Elections Committee with any questions at bcgeu.elections@gmail.com


In Solidarity,

The BCGEU-UAW Elections Committee

Ken Homan, STM

Kyle McCaffery, STM

Clare McDermet, History

Sabina Sullivan, English

Sara Suzuki, ADEP


Notice of Nomination for BCGEU-UAW Bargaining Committee Election