The Massachusetts Nurses Association, the largest union for nurses in the state, has endorsed BCGEU-UAW and expressed their solidarity with graduate workers in the Connell School of Nursing and all other members of BCGEU-UAW. Read their letter bellow.

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Dear Boston College Graduate Workers:

Massachusetts Nurses Association
Massachusetts Nurses Association

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) offers our full endorsement for the Boston College Graduate Employees Union — United Auto Workers (BCGEU-UAW). BCGEU-UAW is not only building on a strong movement of graduate workers organizing across the country, but also joining the powerful labor network in Massachusetts united across many professions.

In solidarity, we support your campaign. Our organization was founded in 1903 to increase opportunities and protections for the individuals who help provide unparalleled care and services for patients across Massachusetts. As the largest union for registered nurses and healthcare professionals in the state, the benefits secured by MNA illustrates the value of collective bargaining. By advocating for improvements to the education, compensation, and overall experiences of nurses and healthcare professionals, the MNA continues to serve as a model for unions across the country.

Our graduate colleagues in the Boston College Connell School of Nursing are valuable research and teaching assistants, who also serve the surrounding healthcare community with academic and clinical excellence. Nurses are powerful and integral members of Boston College Graduate Employees Union (BCGEU-UAW) and we are proud of your work which shares MNA’s mission to protect and promote the labor rights of nurses and of health care for all.

We, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, support the Boston College Graduate Employees Union — United Auto Workers and your efforts to organize a union of graduate employees teaching and researching at Boston College. We urge all Graduate Employees and especially those in the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College to join and Vote YES for the union.

In solidarity,

Donna Kelly-Williams, RN
MNA President

Massachusetts Nurses Association Endorses BCGEU-UAW