UAW president Dennis Williams has requested that the international union be added as a sponsor for the March for Science in Washington, D.C. on April 22. In an open letter to the march’s organizers:

Our union represents tens of thousands of scientists who work as postdoctoral researchers, graduate research assistants and adjunct faculty at many of our most prominent universities – University of Washington, University of California, New York University, Columbia University, University of Connecticut and University of Massachusetts. Most of their work relies on federal funding for projects aimed atcuring major diseases, addressing climate change, developing new technologies and carrying out many other innovative projects aimed at enhancing our quality of life and the common good.

The Trump administration attacks on science and federal investment in scientific research threaten the common good, as well as our members’ lifelong work and livelihood. As an international union, with 1.1 million active and retired members in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, we stand in defense of science and the spirit and principles behind the April 22 march.

As a union, we have long advocated in Washington and elsewhere for the continued investment in basic science at our universities. The UAW has a long history as an advocate for human and social rights. We look forward to joining the March for Science as part of this longer tradition in our union.

Click here to register for the BCGEU-UAW bus to Washington for the march.

UAW Seeks to Co-Sponsor March for Science
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